Day 13 (29-6-2014): Hanoi, Vietnam


Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is not the kind of city we are used to. No metro, no skyscrapers , almost any traffic lights… however, traffic FLOWS, and it is amazing to see all the motorbikes and cars cross the roads without even reducing the speed, which is normally not fast but constant. As a pederastrian, after a few minutes walking in the city, you learn that you can cross any crossroads as if you were walking in a European sidewalk (you don’t even have to stop!).

It is easy to see that there is a lot of people working in the tourist sector in Hanoi, what seems obvious when you compare the prices of the tourist tours with the prices of the local food.

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Day 9 (25/6/2014): Way to Yangshuo and the amazing “Dragon ball” mountains

Dear reader,

the main aim of this post, apart from its content related to our daily experiences, is to claim for the huge potential of China to become the next main touristic destination worldwide. It depends only on them, the chinese people. The natural and urban particularities are already there. This post is written on 25th June from a magnifique rooftop of a hostel in Yangshuo, the Showbiz Inn.


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Day 7 (23/6/2014): Last impressions of Hong Kong! :)

Coming back from Macau with a +390 HK$ (33€) balance after our gambling night, it was time to see a bit more of Hong Kong city. Karen, our friend from Hong Kong, suggested we should visit the Temple Market, and so we did. Although when we arrived most of the shops were closed, we could see some antiquities and postcards with pictures of the old Hong Kong: a city without Porsche’s, Ferrari’s and Masserati’s breaking the silence and the huge skyscrapers that now dominate the city. It is curious that, as ALL the indoors have air-con, most of the buildings have a perimeter of falling water which makes you even question whether it’s raining or not. Continue reading

Day 5 (21/6/2014): Macau is not Hong Kong!

Coming from the tall, dense, and “Blade Runner” style Hong Kong, Macau looks a lot more like an European city. Houses are not “so” tall and the streets look a lot more like in a Mediterranean village, with even some ruins (a few stones) of an old church and some buildings from the colonial era… You can really feel the Portuguese influence! However, the city has become a big commercial centre for Mainland Chinese people, thus getting the old town full of luxury shops, looking a bit like “La Roca Village” outlet near Barcelona… xD

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