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Days 25 to 28 (11/7 – 14/7 2014): Thakhèk half Moto Loop

We had already spent pretty longer than expected in Luang Prabang, so it was time to move again. Even if our initial idea was to cross through the mountains to the north of Thailand, the peacefulness of Laos and the good company of Ainhoa and Itziar made us change the plan and head south through Laos. Our final destination was 4000 islands, said to be a reduct of calm and chilly Backpackers atmosphere in the middle of the Mekong. However, in order to break the long bus journey to the southernmost corner of the country, we decided to make a stop in between. The chosen place was Thakhèk, famous for having some of the biggest caves with running rivers inside of the world, and also for a Motorbike loop around the area and its karst scenery!


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Days 20 to 24 (6/7 – 10/7 2014): SABAIDEE LUANG PRABANG! By Ainhoa and Itziar

Here the two Basque girls posting, Itziar and Ainhoa, glad to take part in such a blog!


The Basque girls! Itziar on the left and Ainhoa on the right! :)

Let’s start talking about when we met in that infernal 28 hour bustrip, supposedly the best way to get from Sapa to Luang Prabang (Laos). To sum up, we will say there was a lot of nonsense stops in the middle of the jungle, the monzoon above us, rockfalls, lots of biscuits, endless curves, rice fields, incredible views, a sudden change of bus in the middle of nowhere, thermometer shots in the border, deliveries on every little village we passed through, disgusting meals (suspiciously doggy) and an annoying Argentinian couple who did nothing but complain about EVERYTHING they could. But luckily for us, the Catalan trio made the trip surprisingly easy to handle. After all, we dare to say that 28 hours in a bus is not such a big deal anymore,  and now we know that a journey to Barcelona is just around the corner.

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Day 5 (21/6/2014): Macau is not Hong Kong!

Coming from the tall, dense, and “Blade Runner” style Hong Kong, Macau looks a lot more like an European city. Houses are not “so” tall and the streets look a lot more like in a Mediterranean village, with even some ruins (a few stones) of an old church and some buildings from the colonial era… You can really feel the Portuguese influence! However, the city has become a big commercial centre for Mainland Chinese people, thus getting the old town full of luxury shops, looking a bit like “La Roca Village” outlet near Barcelona… xD

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