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Days 18 to 19 (4/7 to 5/7 2014): Sa Pa

After a long trip from Cat Ba, we reached Sapa at 7 am after a night of sleeping bus. Despite it was early, around 20 women coming from the tribes around Sapa were waiting for the people getting out of the bus, almost all westerns. They were trying to invite us to homestays and excursions in the countryside. Some of those women even accompanied us to the hostel. After the following resting at the hostel, we decided to rent motorbikes and start another motorcycle day. Following the plan, that should be only the first day of the 3 or 4 we planned to stay there, but in the end 2 days were enough.


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Day 9 (25/6/2014): Way to Yangshuo and the amazing “Dragon ball” mountains

Dear reader,

the main aim of this post, apart from its content related to our daily experiences, is to claim for the huge potential of China to become the next main touristic destination worldwide. It depends only on them, the chinese people. The natural and urban particularities are already there. This post is written on 25th June from a magnifique rooftop of a hostel in Yangshuo, the Showbiz Inn.


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Tuesday 17th June : day 1

We reached Hong Kong!! It’s been a long trip, and that of “day 1” is not that true, because we left from Barcelona the 16th June and arrived to HK the 17th, after the transfers in Vienna and Beijing and an aborted landing in Hong Kong (we think the pilot might not have prepared the undercarriage..)

The first contact with Hong Kong: when one looks up, it seems a first-world city, with amazing skyscrapers all around; however, looking at the street level, crazy things appear, which maybe indicates the real living quality of the city. We’ll check this impressions during the next 7 days. Continue reading